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Bundled pricing

Many patients are required to pay a large portion of their medical expenses due to skyrocketing deductibles or lack of insurance coverage. Some patients are tired of unethical limitations on healthcare services allowed by their insurance carriers. In response, they are carefully selecting services by using out-of-network benefits, while many other patients are paying cash (direct-pay orthopedic surgery, self-pay orthopedic surgery) or using medical credit companies to receive special-rate loans designed for medical procedures.

At OrthoCare Surgical, we appreciate and respect the needs of our patients and we do not take their situations lightly. We provide a substantial discount to the usual and customary fee for surgical services for self-pay arthroscopy (direct-pay arthroscopy). This bundled fee includes the surgeon’s fee, surgical assistant fee, anesthesia fee and facility fee.

When making an appointment, please inform the staff of your self-pay status and they will advise you of the fee associated with your initial consultation. If your condition requires surgery, our staff will review the cash pricing of your specific procedure, as it will vary depending upon complexity and anticipated resources that will be needed. You will not be charged for any office visit with OrthoCare Surgical for a period of 90 days after surgery. Please note that our goal is to provide you with the highest-quality orthopedic care available, and we strive to obtain affordable pricing for all of our patients. Please email us for bundled pricing options: info@orthocaresurgical.com

No-fault insurance

No-fault insurance law was created to help people cover their medical expenses from motor-vehicle accidents. If you are injured in a crash in New York or New Jersey, your no-fault coverage comes from the vehicle you drove, rode in, were hit by or came into contact with. No-fault insurance was designed to ensure that regardless of fault, an insurance company will pay bicyclists, drivers, pedestrians and passengers for their economic losses. These include ambulance and hospital expenses, doctor bills, prescription drugs and diagnostic tests, such as X-rays and MRIs, as well as therapeutic services such as physical therapy.

OrthoCare Surgical accepts NY and NJ no-fault insurance. If you have been involved in a motor-vehicle accident as a driver, passenger, cyclist or pedestrian, we can evaluate and manage your traumatic extremity injuries.

Workers’ Compensation

OrthoCare Surgical accepts NY and NJ Workers’ Compensation insurance. For more information on New York Workers’ Compensation, use this link: http://www.wcb.ny.gov


Read what other patients have to say about us!

Dr. Ehrlich and his staff are incredibly professional and truly care about their patients. Throughout the entire process of long term care, they have all been supportive and a positive influence during recovery.
- Skully

Dr. Ehrlich was great! He was very attentive and informative. I couldnt ask for a better doctor to perform my procedure.
- Kareem Smith