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It doesn’t matter if you’re throwing a football or gardening. You can tear your rotator cuff or dislocate your shoulder doing just about anything. Shoulder injuries are extremely common because your shoulders are the most mobile joints in your body, which makes them more susceptible to injury or cartilage damage. Every year millions of Americans head to the orthopedic doctor’s office for shoulder problems.

Shoulder injuries are most often caused by sports activities involving excessive, repetitive overhead motions during swimming, tennis, throwing balls and weightlifting. A sports medicine doctor typically treats these injuries, which may require shoulder surgery. Shoulder injuries can also occur during non-sporting activities such as painting, washing walls, hanging curtains or pictures and gardening. Most shoulder problems involve ligaments, muscles and tendons, not bones. And rotator cuff injuries represent more than half of all shoulder injuries.

Other common shoulder injuries include:

  • Dislocation (shoulder ball pops out of socket)
  • Instability (shoulder is forced out of normal position, near dislocation)
  • Impingement (excessive rubbing against top of shoulder blade)
  • Arthritis of the shoulder

How do you know you have a shoulder injury?

Do you have pain in your shoulder? Does it feel stiff? Can you rotate your arm comfortably in all directions? Does your shoulder feel as if it could easily pop out of the socket? Is shoulder weakness preventing you from performing your usual daily activities? If you have any one of these conditions, you should consult an orthopedic surgeon or sports medicine doctor to determine the severity and whether you need rotator cuff repair or another treatment.

You might be a candidate for shoulder surgery or shoulder replacement. Shoulder replacement may be necessary when arthritis has damaged your shoulder joint to the point where normal function is impeded or your injury cannot be treated using conservative measures.

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Dr. Ehrlich and his staff are incredibly professional and truly care about their patients. Throughout the entire process of long term care, they have all been supportive and a positive influence during recovery.
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Dr. Ehrlich was great! He was very attentive and informative. I couldnt ask for a better doctor to perform my procedure.
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